It's Me Again LORD

When I fell down, YOU picked me up
and when I bailed, YOU filled my cup;
When overwhelmed with daily life
YOU alone helped ease the strife;

The many things I've failed to do,
YOU were there and saw me through.
Why on earth do YOU still care
If in YOUR life I have a share?

I've not been good and stayed the course...
I left YOUR path with no remorse.
YOUR forgiveness have I felt...
most profoundly, when I knelt.

I myself would show less mercy
for the things that I have done.
But then I recall YOUR perfect love,
so great, YOU gave YOUR SON.

Which makes the point on which I labored
Though underserved, I still have savored...
YOUR forgiveness, and YOUR grace...
And all my sins YOU did erase.

It's through YOUR kindness I've been reprieved.
My burdensome sins have been relieved.
I say this often ... or so it seems...
I'm grateful that my GOD redeems.

C.C. ŠJanuary 30, 2006

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